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96% of Tax Returns in Estonia Completed Online

Estonia has continued its impressive record of online completion of its tax returns.

A total of 651,000 people had completed their returns prior to the deadline last Tuesday reports the Estonian public broadcaster, ERR. 96% of these were completed through their online platform.

The number was higher than what authorities had expected.

Online Returns


The system of filling out the forms on the internet was established in 2000, and has led to huge savings in efficiency for the government. It has also had significant time savings for those completing their tax returns.

According to E-Estonia, the system quickly became the norm following drastic improvements in 2002, with 95% of the country using it by 2013 and 96% using it in 2014.

The ‘e-tax’ system takes only five minutes, where citizens can login to pre-populated forms and simply make the necessary changes followed by a ‘digital signature’

In 2007 it became a requirement for all business in the country to use the e-tax system.

Online Estonia


Estonia has a proud record of online systems for its citizens.

In 2005, the country introduced a system of e-voting for elections.

Just recently, in the country’s general election, one third of the electorate took advantage of the opportunity to vote online prior to polling day. .

This was a world record for online voting in a general election.

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