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Air Travel in Poland Up More than 10%

According to statistics released by Eurostat, air travel in Poland grew by 10.5% in 2014 compared to the previous year. 

Last year, 25.7 million people flew into and out of the country, with over 900 million passengers for the entire European Union, representing growth of 4.4%.

Poland saw the third largest increase in the EU. Luxembourg saw the second highest growth with 12.2% and Greece, in first position with growth of 16.3%.

All countries saw an increase in passenger numbers. Latvia had the lowest growth with 0.4%.

Ryanair Vs LOT


This year marked an embarrassment for Poland’s national carrier, Lot Airlines. Irish budget airline, Ryanair took the top spot for Poland with growing passenger numbers at Warsaw’s second airport, Modlin contributing heavily.

Despite the airport having a poor reputation, being voted one of the worst in Europe and being 40 km from the city, Ryanair have being adding routes continuously since it reopened in 2013.

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