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Plans for Small Biomass Plants in Croatia

Novilist reports that a Biomass plant is to be built in the Croatian city of Sisak. 

Zagreb based EPI Consulting is working in cooperation with foreign partners to construct a series of small biomass plants in Croatia, starting with the city of just under 50,000 people. According to, Osijek will be the second location. also reports that Dutch firm HoSt will be the supplier of the plant’s systems.

The mayor of Sisak, Kristina Ikic Banicek, signed the contract with EPI yesterday.

The plant will employ 15 people and provide 3 MW of electricity to the Croatian grid and will be built at a cost of €2.5 million.

Construction time is expected to be in the region of nine months.

According to Novilist, it will utilise biological waste, leftover food from restaurants and other green waste from the city and the surrounding area.

15 year contracts are currently been drawn up with shopping malls and restaurants to provide the fuel.

Biomass Energy


Biomass is a form of renewable energy utilising the various forms of waste, such as energy crops and clean municipal and industrial waste for the production of energy.

Globally, it is becoming an increasingly important energy source. In Germany for example, there are approximately 9,000 plants.

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