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Croatian President Elected

The Croatian public have elected a new president. Her name is Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, backed by the opposition party, the Croatian Democratic Union.

She beat the incumbent, Ivo Josipovic by a narrow margin of 50.74% to 49.26%.

Josipovic is a member of the ruling coalition party, The Social Democrats, who are currently very unpopular in the country.

The Croatian economy is entering its 7th year of consecutive recession, and unemployment is running at 19.2%.

Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic’s support is at a record low, standing at 18.7%, according to a poll of likely voters taken in December.

A general election has to be held before December. Therefore, with such low levels of support, an election in the coming 6 months does not appear likely.



The Prime Minister’s reaction to yesterday’s results was harsh to say the least. He called the opposition party a ‘criminal group’. This stems from ongoing corruption allegations on former Prime Minister, Ivo Sanader.

Croatian President elect, Grabar-Kitarovic announced in a speech, that she wanted to make Croatia a ‘prosperous country’.

Whilst the Croatian Presidency is primarily a ceremonial position with little power, the election gauges the mood of the nation.

Grabar-Kitarovic who is a former NATO Assistant Secretary, takes over the position on 19th February.

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