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Croatia’s Richest Grow, Despite 7 Year Slump

Croatian newspaper, Novilist reports the number of multi-millionaires in the country is on the increase. The newspaper borrowed statistics from a report undertaken by Knight Frank.

Multi millionaires are defined as those families worth more than $30 million.

The rise in the numbers are despite the Croatian economy going through a continuous economic recession, that in 2015 entered its seventh year.

The Croatian economy has not seen growth since 2008. 12% of the country’s GDP has been erased in this time, and unemployment is currently close to 20%.

Super Rich


Currently there are 221 families worth more than $30 million, one more than in 2013.

22 of these families have a net worth of more than $100 million.

In 2004, Croatia had 130 families worth more than $30 million.



The 260 wealthiest Croats combined are worth over $30 billion, equating to 9% of the economy’s GDP ($330).

Whilst the statistics of rising inequality are not completely out of line in terms of global figures, they are unusual in that Croatia has been in a state of recession for over half a decade.

Croatia’s Wealthiest Individual


Forbes magazine released a rich list for Croatia in 2013.

In it the magazine listed Ivica Todoric as the country’s wealthiest by some distance, being worth 4.4 billion kuna or $610 million.

He owns Croatia’s largest supermarket chain, Konzum.

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