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Czech Tourist Tax Should be Compulsory says Minister

In the Czech Republic, Minister for Regional Development Karla Slechtova has said higher taxes should be applied to tourists within the country. 

Slechtova said that the country’s charges are among the lowest in Europe and could be topped up with a kind of tax that would benefit municipal budgets.

Presently in the Czech Republic, it is at the discretion of the municipality as to whether it charges a tax and at what level.

A Czech tourist tax, says the minister should be a compulsory measure in order to raise money for the municipalities.

At the moment in the country many of them compete with each other, which drives down the hope of extracting money from its visitors.

Rural Tourism


Slechtova also said the tax should be used to encourage tourists to not only visit the cities, but also the rural parts of the country.

She said there are too many parts of the country, specifically rural areas, that have a vast concentration of tourism, whereas other areas are too sparse.

Tourism Growth


In the first quarter of 2015, tourism in the Czech Republic increased 9.8%. Domestic tourism saw a 12.7% increase.

Tourists from abroad grew 7.1% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same month last year. The majority of the foreign tourists come from Germany, with Poland and Slovakia coming in second and third place respectively.

Prague is seeing flocks of tourists from all over the world, with many in Asia recognising the city’s beautiful architecture.

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