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Estonia LNG Terminal Gets Approval

Estonia could be yet another European Union member to have its own liquid natural gas terminal. 

The Port of Tallinn has given approval for an LNG terminal to be located at Muuga Port.

Plans have been in existence for a number of years, but the approval marks a huge step in it becoming a reality.

The plant will cost approximately €20 million and is due to be complete at the beginning of 2017.

Port of Klaipeda


It follows Lithuania’s completion of its own LNG plant at the Port of Klaipeda last year which ensured complete gas independence from Russia.

The plant at Klaipeda can supply the entire Baltic region. However, there are concerns in Estonia that this may only be a short term fix.

With continued uncertainty of Russian gas in the region, many countries who depend on it are looking at diversification. Poland and Croatia hope to have LNG terminals in operation in the near future.

Joint Finland and Estonia LNG Terminal


Last year, Estonia and Finland came to an agreement together to both build and connect LNG terminals using an undersea pipeline.

Both countries had been searching for EU funding for the project. It was reported at the time that they were expecting 75% of the funding form the European Union.

Estonia wish to replicate the interconnection of power supply with the Scandinavian market with their supply of gas. This interconnection gives them the cheapest electricity in the region.

In terms of gas supply, Estonia is the least independent nation of the entire 28 nations of the European Union.

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