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Facebook Data Centre for Croatia

Croatian newspaper, Poslovni is reporting that the country will be the location for one of Europe’s largest data centres. 

Owned by Facebook, the 30,000 square metre data centre will be Facebook’s only data centre owned by the company outside the US. Currently the company lease a data centre in Sweden. It is unknown what the long term plans for this are.

The centre will store photos, videos and details for 800 million people in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

It will have the latest green technology that fits together like Lego for expansion, reports the newspaper.



The company given the contract, Emerson, is a world leader in the provision of data centres.

Director, Luka Gasper has confirmed that Emerson is working for Facebook at the present time.

He was quoted as saying “Croatia is a world centre for technology and modular data centres, and we are the largest player in the world.”

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