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Mcdonald’s to Reopen in Moscow

Following local officials closure of Russia’s first McDonald’s restaurant three months ago, it now appears the iconic food chain will be allowed to open its doors again.

Located in Pushkinskaya Square in central Moscow, and opening on 31/1/1990, the 900 seat venue became a symbol of Russia’s post-Soviet era.

Geopolitical Tensions


Despite the reopening, food safety agency, Rospotrebnadzor still intends to take the fast food chain to court. It is accusing McDonald’s of understating the calorie count of burgers and milkshakes sold there.

The closure was viewed with suspicion as the timing matched the climate of geopolitical tensions between Russia and the US. McDonald’s closure was considered part of Russia’s ‘counter sanctions’ to those initially made by the EU and the US following Russia’s annexing of Crimea.

The re-opening of the restaurant in Moscow will be viewed as a step, all be it small towards progress. Some politicians in Europe are beginning to call for attempts to normalise relations with Russia.

McDonald’s in Russia


The grand opening of the huge fast food outlet in Moscow nearly 25 years ago saw 5,000 people stand in line waiting. Some queued for as long as six hours to be served. McDonald’s also set a record by serving 30,000 people on the day.

The interest was such, that many hundreds would be seen in line outside the store throughout the early days of business. It has since been part of the alternative tourist trail in the city.

McDonald’s has 35,600 outlets across the globe, 440 of which are in Russia.

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