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Poland to Offer 11,000 Work Permits to Ukrainian Nationals

Ukraine newspaper, Polonews, has reported today that Poland will hand out 11,000 work permits to Ukrainian nationals in 2015. This will be a 30% increase on the number from 2014.

The jobs on offer to Ukrainians will primarily be in heavy industries, transport and agriculture.

The Ukraine economy contracted 8% in 2014. This combined with the ongoing fighting with Russian separatists in the east, has led to a growing number of Ukrainians fleeing the country in search of peace and job opportunities.

Asylum for Ethnic Poles


Whilst most Ukrainians of Polish descent live in the West of the country, the Financial Times recently reported that 200 people were airlifted out of the war-torn east last September.

In the mission which was organised by the Polish government, the 200 Ukrainian nationals of Polish descent were to be offered six months free accommodation in Poland, language courses, school places for children and were to be put into work training programmes.



With the Ukrainian hryvnia valued at 7.60 to the Polish zloty, compared to 2.94 only 12 months ago, the sending of remittances back to family and friends in the shattered economy will be of huge importance.

Russian Migration


The UN, as reported by the BBC in September 2014, said that over 1 million people have fled The Ukraine, mostly to Russia, but also to Poland, The Baltic States and Belarus.

Similar to that of ethnic Poles, most Ukrainian’s fleeing to Russia are ethnic Russians, and are arriving in Russian cities near the border such as Perm, a city in the Ural Mountains. Of all the major Russian cities, Perm is said to be best equipped to receive vast numbers of refugees.

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