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Poland Among Europe’s Best for Greenfield FDI

Last year, Poland received $6 billion (€5.32 billion) for 177 greenfield FDI projects. 

The figures, which were published by FDI Magazine ranked Poland as 5th among all European states in terms of the number of new greenfield FDI projects in 2014.

First place in Europe went to the UK, who had 909 greenfield FDI projects worth a total of $35 billion.

Second, third and fourth in terms the number of new greenfield FDI projects went to Germany (378), Spain (252) and then France (237) respectively.

Globally, the US received the highest number totalling 1577.

Greenfield FDI

In foreign direct investment terminology, greenfield projects is when an enterprise starts from new operational facilities and from the ground up. Developing economies such as Poland offer hugely beneficial tax breaks and subsides to many types of industries. They are carried out primarily through a large number of economic zones all over the country.

Whilst Poland saw a slight drop in projects from 2013 figures of 1%, Europe as whole saw a fall of 17% from the previous year.

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