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Polish Trucking Industry Hit by German Minimum Wage Rules

The European Commission has received complaints as a result of Germany’s new minimum rules for foreign truck drivers.

The rule changes say, any truck drivers in transit through Germany must be paid a minimum wage of €8.50 per hour.

The Polish trucking industry plays a huge role in Germany, and is being hardly hit from the forced increase.

However, other countries such as Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have also lodged complaints against Germany over the ruling.

It is being reported in the Polish media that Polish Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz is treating the matter as a priority, and phoned Chancellor Merkel to discuss the issue.

In contrast, the Polish minimum wage is around 1750 zloty per month or €3 an hour, not much more than a third of Germany’s.

Employers who do not abide by the new rules can be fined as much as €30,000.

Reaction in Europe


The European Commission has responded harshly to the Germans. It is said, they believe it to be a breach of EU law, and have given them 30 days to respond.

Germany is defending the decision, claiming trade unions had put pressure on the government to take action on the matter.

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