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Czech Win Large Container Contract

A Czech entrepreneur who has developed a cheap and efficient form of temporary housing, has won a contract to supply to Germany. 

The housing containers called Containex are a cheap and immensely quick way of providing temporary accommodation.

With a huge number of refugees entering Europe in recent weeks, and a pan European agreement to take a certain number each, the company is experiencing a rapid growth in interest.

Containex have just won a contract to supply 2,500 containers to Berlin.

Entrepreneur and CEO of Containex, Josef Zacek, said the contract was worth 250 million crowns (€9.1 million) to the company. The factory is based in Zlate Hory, a town in the north of Czech near the Polish border.

The company currently employs 280 people according to its website. This will increase by at least 10% as a result of the contract, said the CEO.

Containex Edge


Normally the focus of the containers is purely office related.

However, what makes Containex unique, is the ability for them to be stacked on top of each other combined with their addition to focus on producing containers with bathroom facilities.

The result is all encompassing temporary accommodation that can be erected quickly.

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