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Unit 3 of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant Connected

Russia’s Rostov Nuclear Power Plant was joined to the grid just after Christmas, on the 27th December 2014.

Rostov Nuclear Power Station, located in Volgodonsk in the South West of the country, now has three reactors. A fourth reactor currently in the construction stage, is to be completed sometime in 2015.

Construction on Unit 3, which is a VVER-1000 reactor, began in 2009. It provides up to 1011 MWe capacity to the system.

The plant already has two pressurised water reactors where work began in 1977 and 1983. They were only completed in 2001 and 2009 respectively. Russia’s nuclear policy had stalled in the late 80s and much of the 90s, hence the delay in completion.

Both of these reactors have a capacity of up to 1000 MWe.

Rostov Power Plant has been recognised in Russia for its reliability and safety among other indicators in the Russian Nuclear Performance Charts.

The Plant is operated by Rosenergoatom, a subsidiary of Russian state owned Atomenergoprom.

Atomenergoprom brings together all of Russia’s civil nuclear industry.

Founded in 1992, Rosenergoatom operates 10 further nuclear plants in Russia, with a total of 33 reactors. Plans exist to increase this number to 59 by the year 2030.

More ambitious plans for Roserengoatom include the introduction of mobile floating nuclear power stations. These would be intended for remote towns on the north coast of the country.

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