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Russian Dating Website Topface Hacked

Fraud Detection Software Company, Easy Solutions, has claimed to have seen the details of 20 million users of Russian Dating Website Topface for sale.

According to Easy Solutions, they were spotted on a forum, widely known to be used by cybercriminals.

Whilst the dating website is primarily used through Facebooks members’ accounts, this is not the case for all of Topfaces claimed 81 million users.



Topface is a Russian dating service however, 40% of its members come from within the European Union.

Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Saint Petersburg and claims membership from all over the world, including a large numbers from North and South America.

It was founded by Dmitry Filatocv, who remains as CEO of the company.

Regarding the hack, a Topface press release stated the following: ‘At the moment we do not have any proven information that any data was stolen from Topface. We have a sophisticated security system and will investigate whether we were hacked or not.’.

It also points out that it does not keep payment information about its users, and the only data it does keep about its users, is their email addresses.

That being said, Easy Solutions are claiming the hack to be a ‘tier-one breach’.

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