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Ryanair Still the Largest Airline in Poland

Irish low cost airline, Ryanair is still the largest airline in Poland according to data from the Civil Aviation Authority.

27 million passengers used Polish Airports in 2014 which represented a rise of 8.3% based on the previous year.

Despite the numbers dropping marginally, Ryanair represented over 24% of these, at 6.53 million passengers.

Polish carrier, LOT Airways also saw a marginal drop of 10,000 passengers from the previous year, but still accounted for 21% of passengers at 5.86 million..

Indeed a large number of these passengers, 1.5 million, came from Warsaw Modlin, the 5th busiest airport in Poland. Currently Ryanair are the only commercial airline to use the former military airfield that is Warsaw’s second airport.

Wizzair were using Modlin along with Ryanair but due to safety concerns, it was closed soon after opening in 2012 and both airlines were forced to use Chopin airport.

Following its reopening, only Ryanair returned.

The Gainers


The two airlines who gained significantly in 2014 where Hungarian airline, Wizzair and German carrier, Lufthansa.

Lufthansa saw a 300,000 gain with 1.8 million passengers and low cost carrier, Wizzair increased passengers 500,000 to 4.5 million.

Ryanair’s Poland Expansion Plans


Earlier this month, Ryanair launched a new route from Dublin to Lublin.

CEO Michael O’Leary, said in February that future expansion in Poland will likely come more from domestic routes within the country, than international routes.

He was speaking out, following LOT Airways subsidiary, Eurolot, ceasing to fly a number of its routes. Ryanair were expected by many to take them over.

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