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Startup Poland to Aid Polish Tech Firms

Headed by many in the Polish Startup scene, recently founded, Startup Poland has been set up to provide resources to fledgling tech companies in Poland.

Poland’s startup scene is notoriously fragmented, with many cities having a wealth of talent and having their own startup scenes.

Most countries startup culture is confined to the nation’s capital. For example, London is the epicentre of the UK’s startup scene. However, Poland’s is very much spread between Warsaw, Gdasnk, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

This has made the need for a centralised community more important.

Startup Poland aims to provide access to potential investors, and to make procedures less painful for start-ups themselves.

It also wishes to provide services in helping to bring in talent from outside the EU. Poland experiences large numbers of its engineers emigrating for other countries in Western Europe to chase higher wages.

Finally, it is aiming to educate startup entrepreneurs in a general sense on business, creativity, collaboration and teamwork.

So far, 150 companies have signed up to Startup Poland.

Next Major Hub?

Google are soon to open its second European campus in Warsaw. This alone could turn Warsaw into a hub for startups all over the region.

The Startup Poland website can be viewed here.

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