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Ukraine Looking to Belarus for Gas Transit Solution

With gas supplies between Russia and the Ukraine currently halted, the Ukrainian government is desperately looking around for alternatives, this time Belarus. 

Head of European Integration at the Department of Ministry of Energy, Michael Bno-Ayriyan, said on his Twitter account that the Ukraine has appeal

ed to Belarus to look into the logistics of creating a supply of gas to the country. The source of the gas would be the liquid natural gas plant at Klaipeda in Lithuania, according to Ukrainian media reports.



The issue would be extremely complex as Belarusian gas supply is at the behest of Russia and Russia’s state owned gas company, Gazprom.

However, with the Ukraine currently depending on the re-export of gas from neighbouring European Union countries, desperation to secure gas supply will increase as the winter months approach.

Bno-Ayriyan acknowledges the complexities, but has appealed to the “Belarusian friends to explore the possibility.”

The major pipeline passing through Belarus is the Yamal pipeline. 5,000 km in length, it takes gas from Western Siberia through to Europe transiting through Belarus.

Any action by Belarus to facilitate Ukrainian gas supply when Russia are in dispute with the country, is likely to threat the valuable transit revenues Belarus receives from the Yamal arrangement.

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