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Vojany Uzhgorod Gas Pipeline to Supply Ukraine

Slovakian gas company Eustream AS, are to restart reverse gas flows to Ukraine in the coming months, according to its CEO Tomas Marecek.

Earlier in the year when Russian state owned gas company, Gazprom had cut off gas supplies to Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary began re-exporting gas to the Ukraine. This move did not please Moscow.

Slovakia were selling gas at a cheaper rate than the previously agreed price between Ukraine and Russia. Reports suggest Ukraine were purchasing it at $360 per 1000 cubic square metres, significantly cheaper than their own deal with Russia.

The reverse flow was carried out through a previously disused route called the Vojany Uzhgorod gas pipeline. This became Ukraine’s primary pipeline over a three month period. On going fighting in the east of the country with pro Russian separatist prevented any quick negotiations taking place.

An agreement between the Ukraine and Russia was eventually made in November, brokered in withe the AU in Brussels. However, there is still uncertainty regarding the agreed settling of back payments and advance payments, some of which it appears Ukraine have not transferred.

Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico has said that gas supplies from Russia to Slovakia are down 50%, claiming it as a reactionary response from Russia. The easing off of gas flows had been experienced earlier in the year, as a response to the re-exporting of gas to the Ukraine.

The Vojany Uzhgorod gas pipeline between Slovakia and the Ukraine can supply just over 30 million cubic metres of gas a day. Ukraine’s national gas company, Naftogaz says that with some technical alterations on their side, this capacity could be brought up to 40 million.

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