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Modlin Airport Expansion Warsaw

It has been announced that a Modlin Airport expansion will take place in the coming years, bringing capacity of the airport to five million passengers.

Recently Warsaw Modlin, the cities second commercial airport after Chopin, hit 1.5 million passengers for 2014 and is expected to increase this record to 1.7 million by year end.

Director of the airport, Piotr Okienczyc said that figures are expected to exceed 2.5 million passengers in 2015.

The airport is 40 km North West of Warsaw and is currently the 5th busiest in Poland.

Rapid Success


The figures are impressive considering its troubled history since officially opening as a commercial airport in 2012.

Built in 1937 for military purposes and used in the Second World War, the airport spent most of its life as a base for the Soviet and Polish army.

From 2000, plans had been put forward to use it as an airport for budget carriers, but it took until July 2012 for the first airlines to began using it.

Within five months of opening, and only two airlines at the airport (Ryanair and Wizz Air), it was shut down due to runway safety issues.

Both airlines redirected flights to Warsaw Chopin straight away.

Then with problems put right by September of the next year, only Ryanair returned, and to this day Ryanair remain the only commercial airline using Modlin.

Despite the airport being voted 9th worst in Europe, it does not seem to have stemmed its growth, nor Ryanair’s desire to expand its routes through it.

Recently the Irish airline made the airport a hub, and has expanded its route network there to 15 cities.

The planned Modlin airport expansion will likely bring in more routes and perhaps, more carriers.

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