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Polish Delegation Discusses Trade at CEE China Summit

A delegation of Polish officials have been discussing trading opportunities at the CEE China Economic and Trade forum in Suzhou, China. 

This is the 4th CEE China Summit, and the first to be held in China itself. Previous years have seen it hosted in Warsaw, Bucharest and Belgrade.

The delegation has been trying to send the Chinese the message of the growing importance of CEE, but especially that of Poland itself.

The head of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Slowomir Majman said, “China is now rediscovering our part of Europe that used to be forgotten. This process is not easy. All countries of CEE cannot be put in the same box. We are here to help our Chinese friends understand the importance of growth in Central Eastern Europe.”

Majman stated that Poland leads the way in terms of contacts within the Chinese markets, and that it is also trying to broaden its involvement with countries outside the European Union.

Trade between China and CEE countries has increased from $44 billion in 2010, to $60 billion in 2014.

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