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Ukraine to Receive €136 Loan from Germany

Next year, Germany will loan Ukraine €136 million according to the Minister for Economic Development and Trade, Aivaras Abromavicius. 

€88 million of the money will be used for the implementation of financial cooperation projects, with the remaining €48 million to be spent on technical assistance according to the Ukrainian minister.

20 social development projects will also be created according to German sources.

The German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Andreas Gies said following the announcement that, “Germany wants to show solidarity with Ukraine in economic and humanitarian ways.”

Ukraine’s Minister also said he was hopeful for a further €10 million from Germany next year to support the country’s agriculture sector.

However, there is growing concern that Ukraine is becoming more and more dependent on foreign aid, without any real sign of the country being able to support itself.

The money is one of a series of loans from various countries and international organisations.

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